How You Can Help...
    You can make a real difference!





Thank you for your interest in  the children of Wawanakan Utapa!  Our preschool operates on a very limited budget  Within these constraints,  we work hard to provide lots of support services for these wonderful kids.  Many of these children come to school hungry each day, without adequate clothing, and in need of nurturing and stimulating interaction.    Without your help we cannot provide the services that create brighter futures for the children we are helping.




There are several ways you can contribute to the children of Wawanakan Utapa. Even the smallest gift,  will help to change a life for the better.  Whatever you donate is tax deductible.


Here's How You Can Help:


Sponsor a child.

Donate to fund a need on the Wawanakan Utapa Wish List.

Volunteer to teach in Bolivia.

Send Used Children's Clothes.

Write about Wawanakan Utapa in your local newsletter or newspaper.

Organize a fund raiser.