My Daughter,
Talia Will Winokur

born January, 1981


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Talia and Nisayon Asombro

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Bolivia & Wawanakan Utapa
Summerbridge Denver










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Executive Director,
Breakthrough Santa Fe


October, 2011:

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Breakthrough Santa Fe Students Teaching Students

Breakthrough is a tuition-free program  in which talented high school and college students
teach middle school students with limited educational opportunities
 the academic, organizational and social skills they will need to succeed in competitive high schools.
(Breakthrough was originally called Summerbridge, see below)



in Talia's words:
Breakthrough is magical, inspirational, challenging, loving. 
Whether we’re dissecting cows’ eyes or singing a new cheer at the top of our lungs,
Breakthrough is dedicated to excellence. 
Everyone, from students to teacher interns to directors, comes ready to learn. 
And it’s that excellence in learning that launches our students on their path to college.” 

















Talia and Nilaja, Thanksgiving 2010


Family at Thanksgiving, 2010


with Craig,, 2010







Talia 2009





with Zora


Rocky Mountain Folks Fest
August, 2009




Barcelona, 2004




senior year in high school:





Talia's Bat Mitzvah
Telluride, 1992



Georgetown University, Georgetown College Faculty of Languages and Linguistics
Magna Cum Laude (1999-2003)
Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Arabic and Latin American Studies.




Talia's Work with Aymara Indian Children in Bolivia

Consistent with her Summerbridge leadership, below, Talia spent her Junior Year Abroad in South America -- both studying herself,  and teaching disadvantaged kids and moms in La Paz, Bolivia and Salvador du Bahia, Brasil.    From  2003 - 200, Talia returned to Bolivia and worked with Sister Miriam  Bravo Aramayo and Carolina Bravo Aramayo,
to provide   enrichment program for Aymara Indian kids  in a Colegio and Pre-School in Huajchilla, south of La Paz.  (Wawanakan Utapa.)   Talia arranged her 2 year 'mission', under no one's auspices but her own with minimal pay.  She has lived in two, unconnected rooms in the Colegio (really, storage closets), working with nuns who support the school.   (She is learning Catholicism from the inside, so to speak!).  Talia also maintains many friendships with folks she's met in La Paz.  She has now returned to the US to teach in Los Angeles beginning Fall, 2005.

Huajchilla, 2005:

Talia's Logo for Wawanakan Utapa:


Talia has now returned to the US to teach with ResponseAbility and study for her Masters in Education 
Loyola Marymount
in Los Angeles beginning Fall, 2005.




Bolivia, 2003




Talia's Bolivian Alter Egos:

"Cholita Talia"

"Sister Talia"



Denver Summerbridge Program
(later renamed "Breakthrough")

Dean of Faculty, Dean of Students,  Teacher and administrator:1997-2003

Kent Denver Upper School
, graduated 1999

Theodore Herzl Jewish Day School (grades 1-8)

Teacher at B’nai Havurah Religious School


at Talia's place - Summer, 1980
(naming: Talia Will Winokur)