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all compositions and arrangements, copyright 2005-2012, James L. Winokur

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@Mile High Music, March, 2005


Studio Recordings:
These very first links are to studio recordings of my music:

 Indigo Tide (with Jamie Krutz, 2013)

Buchenwald Tailor (with Jamie Krutz, 2006)
(in memory of Morris, Louis & the 'Buchenwald Tailor')        

Talia's Song (with Jamie Krutz, 2005)

Bound to Love (with Jamie Krutz, 2006)
(originally, "Commitment to Marry")

Reaching for A (with Jamie Krutz, 2006)



Vicissitude (with The Dazed Band, 2005)

Till Morning's Light  
(with The Dazed Band, 2005)

(with The Dazed Band, 2005)

Moving Toward the Light  (with Salt-Lick Band, 1979)


The Dazed Band was Mellani Day, Jerry Weiss, Jamie Krutz, Michael Willis, Keith Whiting


Reverse Chronology of My Songwriting:



All titles in blue link to music for listening. 
Titles in
gold have yet to be recorded.


These Years - for Emily (2022)

High Steppin' (2021)

Green, Again (2021)
      return of Springtime green


Flags Fly (2021)

Incoming (2021)


Parasol (2020)

Song for Emily (2020)


Serengeti (2020/2013)
with Sam Silver


Remembrance (Emergent) (2019)


A Little Melody (2019)


Range (2019)

Celestial (2019)

Vapor Moon-Night Sky (2018)


Voyager (2017)

          Voyager Video (2020)            

Wellspring (2017)


Dinner Dance (2016)

Lauren's Song (2016)

Outer Sanctum (2016)



Lady (2016)



Danny-Ji (2015)

(in love and gratitude, for my son Danny,
     on the occasion of traveling with him, Sam and  Laura (my grandkids ),
        to Japan, April 2015)


Little Nisa (2015)

  (for my grandson, Nisayon Asombro Winokur)


Saba (Zaideh) (2014)

Inday (August)  (2013-14)

Kathy's Night (2014)

Leading Light/Encore  (2014)

Stride (2013-14)

Rediscovery (2013)
Rosh HaShanah 5774


Indigo Tide (studio recording  - 2013 - with Jamie Krutz)

Indigo Tide  (solo piano -2011)   



Winter's Field (2013)

Promontory  (2012) 
Rosh HaShanah, 5773



My Muse  (2012)

Night Song (2012)

Flourish (2011-12)


Filial (2012)



Opening  (2011)

Aching River (2011)

Ribbon (2011) 

Song for Louise  (2010)


Tricia Jane (2010)               







Lion (2010)


Chapel Of Love  (2009)



Dark Eyes  (2009)
(for Beverly)



Bells (2008)

Wilderland  (a.k.a, Cutter, 2007)
      (Title from Joni Mitchell's I Think I Understand)


Till Morning's Light
2005 studio recording
The Dazed Band,
(song, arrangement & recording all copyright 2005, James L. Winokur)



Love and Light (April, 2005)   

Spring Sprung (April, 2004)

Men's Chorus (in 6:8 time ) (September, 2003)
honoring my
initiation into The ManKind Project)


Starlight Canopy (July, 2003)

When? (Spring, 2003)

Rosalie’s House (#3) (Summer, 2002, upon moving to Garfield St.)



Nigun Siku'i Ahavah: Chant of Love's Possibilities - Waltz  (Spring, 2001, recording 2011)

Nigun Siku´i  Ahavah: Chant Of Love’s Possibilities  (Spring, 2001)

Sunlit Shrouded Bay -- Fog and Bridge
(song, arrangement & recording all copyright 2005, James L. Winokur)




(beginning 1985  -- on the occasion of
my mom -- Rosalie's --gift of my
Yamaha Grand piano)


 Commitment Processionals:
  (song, arrangement & recording all Copyright 2005, James L. Winokur)


Morning Breaks (1995)
(song, arrangement & recording all Copyright 2005, James L. Winokur)


Vicissitude (May, 1995) 
   -- This
studio recording features The Dazed Band

   -- Original Vicissitude, on the Yamaha,  literally at moment of its composition...
        (song, arrangements & recording all Copyright 1995, 2005, James L. Winokur)


Interlude  (1993)
1993 studio recording
(song, arrangement & recording all (c) 2005, James L. Winokur)



Buchenwald Tailor (1986)
(for Morris, Louis, and ... the Buchenwald tailor
studio recording: 2006 with Jamie Krutz
(song, arrangements & original recording all (c) 2006, James L. Winokur)


April House  (1986)
(recording all Copyright 2011, James L. Winokur)

for ‘Bobbie Webb’, in Herman Wouk’s Inside, Outside


Bound to Love
  (originally, "Commitment to Marry",
for Becky and Roger, 1985)
  studio recording 2011, with Jamie Krutz.
  song, arrangement & recording all (c) 2011, James L. Winokur)

Earlier arrangements of Commitment include several versions on the Yamaha PSR510,
   --  two versions in
Danny & Pam's Wedding Processionals above)
   --  and another Yamaha PSR510 here:
 Commitment - Yamaha PSR510 (1994)



Colorado/Pre-Yamaha (1971-1985)

Clermont St. 1974-85


Danny Sets Out (1982)


Talia's Song **3/4 time (1980)

Jimmy 4-handed, on Rhoads piano, 1980
this is the early version recorded while Talia was in utero,
and played for her minutes after birth, January, 1981!

Talia's Song 4/4 time  Same concept

A Child's Forgotten Mornings
   (for my mother, Rosalie)

Transcendence -- Transcendent March (1979-80)

Welcoming Song for Craig

Twin Toasts

Song for Hilary (1980)

Song for Rosalie   (#1)

Eagle's Cry (date uncertain)

Journey (Song for the Indentured) (date uncertain)

Power (1979, 2020)

Luncheon on the Lawn (1979)


Chapel Hill (1978)
both around the occasion of teaching law at Chapel Hill, summer, 1978

Almost Chapel Hill


Moving Toward the Light  (1975)

The above jazz version was made in 1979 with Jim O'Connell and the Salt-Lick Band
In 1980, I recorded
another very different version of Moving Toward The Light ,
with me on Rhoads Piano, jamming at length with Kathie Kertesz on flute.

Song for Marilyn #4


Royal Entry (paired with Carnival Waltz)

Carnival Waltz**

Till Morning's Light (1973) ( a.k.a., Song for Marilyn #3, Recorded 2011)

Penny in the Garden, (1974, 1980) with Kathie Kertesz on flute
(for Penny McCracken; the song, arrangement & recording all copyright 2005, James L. Winokur)

Song for Georgia (1974)

Winter's Morning (1974)

Song for Barbara

Song for Liz (1973)

Mary Ellen's Song  (1973)

Theme for Youth
(song, arrangement & recording all copyright 2005, James L. Winokur)



Reaching for A

with Jamie Krutz on Guitars , Hammond B3 organ, co-production
(song, arrangement & recording all copyright 2005, James L. Winokur)  

Note:  Jamie Krutz is super -- both as musician and co arranger/producer.
 He is wonderfully easy and good to work with and, if you are considering a recording project, consider using him !

Brighten Our Faces at Dawn
(Gather Us Together)
  Confirmation Song / Song for Students , Rodeph Shalom ~1970-71

Jimmy's Arrangement for 'Danny Boy'

(1969 -- this arrangement & recording all copyright 2005, James L. Winokur)




I made this recording in the mid '90s, ten years before recording Romance with The Dazed Band (linked above),
here playing all voices on my
Yamaha PSR-510 sequencer/synthesizer.

After Wagner (F-Am-Dm)

Jimmy's Theme

Suite for Jimmy (including 'Drunken Sailors' Jig'

This recording made in the 1990s, with me playing all voices
on a Yamaha PSR-510 sequencer/synthesizer)

Song for Marilyn #2

Song for Marilyn #1 (1961; wedding processional )

The Things I Have No More (Teen Years)

War Dance (pre-10)




Doris Merritt
my piano teacher,