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James L. Winokur

Emeritus Professor of Law

Law Teaching & Practice



University of Denver 

College of Law




my 1st DU Law office, ~73                        
soon to become a library cubicle!                       

1980 - 2004: Professor of Law (with tenure)

pecializations:  Property & Real Estate; Common Interest Communities and Community Associations.

My academic responsibilities at the University since 1980 included the following:

(1) My courses:

  • Property
  • Basic Real Estate
  • Condominium & Common Interest Ownership
  • Land Finance
  • Real Estate Seminar,
  • Unincorporated Associations (i.e., Agency and Partnerships)
  • Problems in Legal Practice

(2) I chaired the College of Law Planning Committee (1985-87) and, with Dean Ed Dauer, chaired the process for instituting a Semester System and substantial summer research stipends at the College of Law; and Alumni Relations Committee (1988-89).

(3) In 1981-83, I chaired our Faculty Recruitment & Appointments Committee, on which I have also served over a decade of my years on the faculty.

(4) In 1980-82 (and as the alternate in 1984-85), I served on the Faculty Policy Committee, an elected committee of five which represents the Faculty vis-a-vis College and University administration.

(5) Through August, 1981, I founded and directed the Barristers' Cup Program for Excellence in Appellate Advocacy -- a moot court program of intra- and inter-mural competition which I founded at Denver in 1978; in two years of inter-mural competition, two moot court teams I coached ranked in the top five nationally.

(6) I have also shared in other normal faculty responsibilities (e.g., chairing and participating on Faculty Advisory Committees for tenure and promotion; chairing the Legal Writing Committee, and the Alumni Relations Committee; membership on the Library, Curriculum, Minority Affairs, Examinations and Standing, Faculty Development and Readmission Committees).

Summer, 1978: Visiting Professor (in Land Finance), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, N.C.


1974-1980: Associate Professor of Law (Tenured in 1974).

1971-1974: Assistant Professor of Law.

Specializations: Property and Real Estate and, at my request after arrival in Denver, Problems in Legal Practice, an ambitious, multi-skill, multi-discipline skills program. After exposure to the classic common law "Legal Writing"  memo/moot court experience, students were trained and evaluated in interviewing/counseling and negotiation; and then later were given an administrative agency rulemaking problem which called not only for legal statutory analysis but also policy analysis and advocacy on the goals and impacts of the proposed rule on the regulated subject.    

Retired, 2004!


2.  Law Practice


Bar Admissions: Colorado Bar (1983-94, inactive since 1994); Pennsylvania Bar (1970; now inactive).

1988-94: Chair, Drafting Committee for Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act

In addition to drafting to adapt the Uniform Act to Colorado practice and political realities, I was very active in lobbying efforts to get this substantial legislation adopted, originally in 1992.

1987-88: Special Counsel, Holme Roberts & Owen, Denver, Colorado: (and part-time somewhat beyond):

My work for Holme Roberts & Owen (HRO) -- full time during 1987-88, and part-time thereafter -- has focused on real estate transactions (acquisition, construction contracting, commercial leasing, easements and access arrangements, and estates in land), with particular emphasis on transactional negotiation and drafting for real estate and other business transactions and litigation settlement settings. My affiliation with HRO grew out of our earlier work together for the University, detailed immediately below. Though still listed as HRO Special Counsel, I have gradually reduced my workload to virtually zero during my full-time years at the law school.

1984-1987: Special Counsel, University of Denver.

As "inside" University counsel, in addition to my teaching responsibilities, I provided extensive consultation to the University of Denver (working with outside University counsel, Holme, Roberts & Owen) regarding severe problems in the University's telephone and data transmission system, culminating in arbitration trial proceedings seeking system replacement. The claims against InteCom/Wang were settled at mid-trial, providing the University complete system replacement at InteCom/Wang cost (settlement value estimated at ~$4,000,000.00). My responsibilities in this matter included coordination of University constituents, negotiation with University vendors, extensive testimony in the arbitration trial, and negotiation and drafting of settlement.

1983 to 1994: Independent Legal/Real Estate Consulting

for selected clients, including major reorganization in 1983-86 of Micromedex, Inc.  corporate, copyright and employment structures;
and other expert witness testimony and advice).

1979: Consultant, Solar Energy Research Institute ("SERI", now NREL), Golden, Colorado, in connection with legal issues in commercialization of solar energy.

1971:  Attorney,  Community Legal Services of Philadelphia (on loan from Dechert Price & Rhoads, below) representing low income tenants, and serving as counsel to the Philadelphia Residents Advisory Board on matters related to federal housing policy.

1969-1971: Associate, Dechert Price & Rhoads, Philadelphia, Pa. (Specialization in corporate and business law).


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