Jimmy Winokur's


Oxford University:
Britain and The Making of the Modern Middle East, 2004 

Michael Thornhill, Tutor

Penn Law
(w/ faculty)
Penn Undergraduate
(w/ faculty)
High School, etc.

University of Pennsylvania



University of Pennsylvania Law School



Bob Mundheim (Corporate Finance, Securities)
Jim Freedman (Torts, Administrative Law) ,
Bernie Wolfman (Taxation)
Paul Bender (Constitutional Law, Criminal law)
Curtis Reitz (Contracts)

Louis Schwartz (Antitrust) ("...please resonate for me...")
Dean Jefferson B. Fordham
Clarence Morris ("you do the best you can!")

116 University of Pennsylvania Law Review:


University of Pennsylvania
College of Arts & Sciences

A.B., 1966, with honors in Political Science,

        Dr. Francine Frankel

with minor in Economics

Dr. Michael K. Evans


Central High School of Philadelphia, Class 218

Leeds Junior High,
Anna Blakiston Day School
all of Philadelphia PA.


Moved from Philadelphia to Denver in 1971
to join the
University of Denver College of Law Faculty.

Professor of Law, University of Denver College of Law, 1971-2004
Visiting Professor, University of North Carolina Law School, Chapel Hill, 1978