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Cosmic Co-adventurer and Spiritual Bro'

Sculptor and patron
Cosmic Revelations: Taos, 1980


The Intrepid Videographer:

August, 2003

Utah, 2005


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B.A., University of Michigan,
Phi Beta Kappa, History of Art

Some years ago, his web page was ranked within the top 5 in the world on this great poet, having been viewed more than 25,000 times.

...and ...as 'Michelangelo':


Craig Welch sculpting "Justice,"
commissioned as a gift by the Winokurs
presented in 1983 to the University of Denver College of Law.
"Sculpture Photos by Jimmy Winokur, in my garage, all rights reserved


Lady Justice and her Creator

University of Denver, Sturm College of Law
Westminster Law Library



Craig was my companion for our multi-media flight
on a miraculous Spring, 1980 day and evening --
complete with 'lights upon the water and the pinpoints of light' --
in magical Arroyo Hondo on the Rio Grande which gave rise to

Wax Wings Over Rio 

The Silver Tree Lodge, Taos, NM

-- with mural of Pancho Villa in flight --
preparing for our journey


Arroyo Hondo on The Rio Grande, just north of Taos (April, 1980)

My life's spiritual imprint -- my personal wrestle with 'the angel', my first and lasting encounter with Icarus