Some Images
from my years at the
University of Denver College of Law

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early 90s

Emeritus Professor of Law
 University of Denver College of Law

22002                                  1999                                      1997



(circa 1990, from DU Law catalogue


late '70s

1971                                                  late 1970s                                            ~1980                                            1980s



 my 1st DU office ~1973
200. W. 14th Ave.


DU Law Buildings:

IMy 1st 12 years at DU were here: 
200 W. 14th Ave., across from Denver City-County Building
now refashioned into a City of Denver administrative building

DU Law occupied its Park Hill Campus,
1900 Olive Street - 1983-2003
now part of Johnson & Wales University

DU Law moved into its current building
at the heart of  DU's Main Campus
in fall, 2003, at the beginning of my final year teaching